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The alluring blue sea has always attracted everyone who wants to conquer its expanses. After all, there are so many secrets and interesting creatures lurking inside. But it’s not just them that interest explorers, but a huge number of countless treasures that lie below on the sands and all their appearance show that they would like to be taken. How many old ships have been shipwrecked at all times. And everything they were carrying hides below, in the most hidden corners of the boundless ocean. How is it possible to resist the temptation. Razor Shark game allows just such dreams come true. Plunged into it with head, swim quickly to your goals.

How to play Razor Shark

Playing Razor Shark is easy. The slot machine is a mechanism created from just five reels and twenty active lines. Simple game offers to explore the depths of the seas and oceans, but there is one, but. Of course you will not be allowed to take all the treasures for nothing. They are guarded by a large, toothy white shark, which will gladly eat you if you’re not careful. It is always ready to attack, just waiting for something to eat. Don’t become its dinner.

Game created not so long ago, modern approach, makes it possible to play on any platform and on different electronic devices.

Bets are offered from the lowest to quite large. For example, you can start betting with only ten cents and raise it to as much as a hundred. The average man can try his hand at this game.

The world that opens up in front of you will mesmerize you with its beauty. Slot is very similar to a cartoon with a little fish, which fought with all the inhabitants of the ocean, what would return home. They are all very nice. Of course, meet and angry individuals. Do not be afraid at once and give it up. Go ahead, don’t be afraid, and gather all the gold you can find.

playing Razor Shark is easy

Let’s tell you how to play Razor Shark slot in detail.

The spinning components, in the form of drums are at the bottom of the ocean. All of them are surrounded by bright reefs, their colors mesmerize your eyes. Of course, a huge number of sea creatures live in them. From small fish to large sharks. Always remain attentive and cautious.

The great white shark is the main symbol and takes the place of all other symbols.

Four other sharks of different species also appear at different times. They act as symbols with a high value. Their appearance always brings income. Quickly grab your underwater camera and whatever you need to jump in the water. Do not forget plenty of oxygen cylinders, without them there is no way. After all, the longer you swim underwater, the more likely you are to make good money.

It is worth to move carefully, because you can see an underwater mine on your way. Thanks to its explosion free spins are triggered, it’s a great idea, because they will be exchanged for new ones and will give again a raise to the bet.

And here is the grass symbol, not very clear. It carries a surprise, and only at the very end it will become clear whether its appearance is for good or not.

It is necessary to take care of your stay on the bottom of the sea on land. Make sure you have everything you need for your dive. Compliance with such simple rules, will help to play long and high quality. Reels and winning lines are paid from left to right, start counting from the leftmost square. Thus, independently you can always check if all counts correctly in the slot at the time of your game. Betting twenty coins is the nominal value, it can be used on absolutely any line. Play Razor Shark confidently and are sure to achieve excellent results in cash.

play Razor Shark and win

Playing the sea slot is not just interesting, but very interesting. Getting extra features gives you big winnings.

So, for example, there are secret stacks, which are four symbols that can appear anywhere on your reels. As soon as such action happens, an additional feature opens which allows you to open the stacks of these unknown images and shows all the paying ones. Also with its help you can see the golden shark icon. And it guarantees the appearance of multipliers and an increase in bets. When there are three or more special characters immediately includes a series of free games – spins. All the reels are filled with the usual sea creatures pictures, with each launch, which will start with one, there is an increase in the amount of money. This will go on for as long as there is not a single stack of pictures left. Great game, you want to spin many, many times, for more lucrative bonuses. In the course of the game may fall out a very profitable symbol of the real shark, his appearance will increase the betting rate to two thousand five hundred times. Free spins are also no small increase in the final results. When vpryavet orange shark, do not immediately rush to swim away in the other direction. She brought a win, namely, the multiplication of bets by a thousand times. Not everyone who appears on your way wants to take away your treasure, many only increase it.

This is what Razor Shark itself looks like

The scheme of the game is essentially a random selection of symbols that should appear on your monitor screen. All actions are not programmed and flow in a completely unexpected way. So the image of algae, can appear in any square of the screen and bring with it additional winnings. Remember we said that this very grass is called a mysterious sign, because until the last it is not clear what lurks behind them in their thickets. They will adjust to the most advantageous position that will fall at the time of their appearance and multiply it.

They also sometimes bring with them the golden shark icon itself, a great surprise. This means instant winnings, or getting a substantial bonus in an excellent amount.

It turns out as long as in fact on your screen you observe rippling seaweed, you are entitled to spin all the reels for free. And constantly spinning will be repeated until the whole system realizes itself. Increasing the multipliers is very simple.

Play Razor Shark on all available devices.

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