Razor Shark bonus

Another interesting game has entered the online casino market. Funny sea heroes lure treasure lovers into the most secret corners of their possessions. Offer to try your hand and take everything you meet on your way.

Rush into the world of the beautiful depths of the ocean and conquer all obstacles.

Razor Shark bonus

Razor Shark great slot machine. All decorations are presented under the sea theme. On the screen in front of the player will be a screen with five reels on it. This whole mechanism is at the bottom of the ocean. And on all sides it is surrounded by the sea reefs, corals, various algae and a huge number of passing fish. The symbols of the game are different types of sharks, some of them are more important, some are not. But surely all bring great bonuses. Also there will be different items that somehow ended up at the bottom. And they’re not just for fun, either. Each one has one or another bonus. And one of the most pleasant bonuses will be the appearance of the sea mine. Next we will tell you what it bears. The machine itself is made in a fairly simple format, nothing unnecessary. Everything is simple and clear to any user. The number of keys to be used during the game is minimal. They are all located at the bottom of the screen. They open the main menu and use all the settings, read the description of the game before you start. Here you can also adjust the volume. Determine the size of the bet, run the automatic game mode or activate one free rotation of the reel.

It all seems complicated. Take your time! It’s easy to figure out with the demo version. This is a test mode in which it is very easy to understand all the buttons, programs, bets and many other bonuses in this game.


What is the slot machine Razor Shark, bonuses, bets and combinations.

The game presents itself to players not only in a beautiful design and impressive sound design, but also with a very good set of necessary characteristics for a great game. You can learn the game itself in the process. That is, you will figure out where and what bonuses may fall out, in what amount, what is a symbol. On this study does not take much time. You will quickly understand the course of events, the game will captivate you from the first seconds.

The main features are very simple. There are twenty lines in total on the screen, all of them with payouts. Bets range from the minimum, here it is from ten cents to the maximum in this slot to a hundred coins. Percentage win the slot machine is high, almost a hundred. Confidence in your victory only grows stronger.

Bonus options are enough throughout the game. They are all different, each carrying some specific function.

There are a lot of bonuses. This is a great feature for this game.

Gifts and surprises are always attractive.

The presence of multipliers, which increase the size of bets fall also in a certain order and have a size of one and up to two and a half thousand.

One very necessary and necessary characteristic is the high payout percentage. Such a value guarantees players a sure payout of their money that they have managed to earn in this game.

Be sure to note that there are built-in bonuses in the slot.

It is with bonuses that all additional payouts and rewards begin. All of these points increase the main profit in the end game.

What are the symbols featured in Razor Shark slot

The slot machine has eleven symbols, all of them original, each has its own meaning and is not repeated. Fallout occur chaotically, there is no pattern at what time and in what row this or that element will appear. Each carries certain bonuses and multipliers, it depends on the moment when he fell out and in what combination.

After studying all the possible signs, they can be divided into three categories, this division is conditional, but will not be superfluous:

– the first, these are the symbols that bring small multipliers. These include all items that are at the bottom of the sea. Here the minimum increase is from one to twenty-five times. Such small bonuses fall out more often. To save the size of the first deposit playing and not to lose all at once.

good bonus

– the second, these are symbols with large multipliers. Here they are represented by different images of sharks. Sharks add up to two hundred and fifty bonuses.

is the third, this category with bonus options. It includes two game icons – a bloodthirsty shark, it can replace other images and get a great winning combination with an increase of up to five hundred times. And the sea mine – also activates a super bonus and a golden shark appears. This is the maximum increase that the slot machine offers.

In the Razor Shark slot itself, you can easily view the entire payout grid and the bonuses that all the game symbols bring with them. Want to explore the probability of falling out, spin the reels until you get bored, and count the multiplicity and number of appearances of the icons on the screen.

Razor Shark Bonus Options.

The slot game carries four bonus features, all designed to make the game more interesting and attractive to players. To win additional sums and increase the amount of winnings, it is very tempting.

The first thing a player may encounter are mystical rows. At the most unexpected moment on the screen may appear four identical symbols t form a row. There is a shift of the row and the opening of a new one. After that, new icons will appear, replacing the empty boxes. In the course of replacement may appear next bonus opening razor. This is due to the appearance of the golden shark on the screen. As soon as this happens everything will change into coins with multipliers and scatter symbols. This gives a good increase at this stage of the game. Well and the best bonus this slot can give us is free spins. This feature is triggered on a roll of three or more sea mines, and it doesn’t matter which row it happens on. These actions lead to maximum increases in bets and payouts.

The machine is well equipped with lots of bonus features. On top of that comes great design, interesting music and ease of use.

Razor Shark is an exciting game, with super bonuses and modern design.

get your bonus in Razor